1. somevelvet:

    very nice new song from the @TheLawsuits, a breezy, modern day yacht rock influenced jam.

  2. americansongwriter:

    Daily Discovery: Brian Dale Allen Strouse of The Lawsuits, “Dreaming #26″

    Brian Dale Allen Strouse is part of The Lawsuits, a band known for their ability to weave a smorgasbord of American music into a refreshingly coherent sound. They are currently touring the northeastern U.S. Their next show is tonight in Exton, Pennsylvania. Find more dates here.

    ARTIST: Brian Dale Allen Strouse of The Lawsuits

    SONG:  Dreaming #26

    BIRTHDATE: 9/14/1986

    HOMETOWN: New Hope, PA


    AMBITIONS: To make a comfortable living writing, recording, producing and performing.

    Click here to continue reading and listen to “Dreaming #26”

  3. bobsweeney:

    The Lawsuits - “Ebony Rose” (Live at Spruce St. Harbor Park)

    The Lawsuits with Ron Gallo perform “Ebony Rose” live at Spruce St. Harbor Park.
    Shot by Rob Parker, Barbara Vasconex and Bob Sweeney.
    Video by Bob Sweeney

  4. bobsweeney:

    The Lawsuits “Anybody’s Girl / 25w A19 120v Blues” (Communion PA)

    The Lawsuits perform “Anybody’s Girl / 25w A19 120v Blues” during April’s Communion Philly show at Underground Arts.
    The Lawsuits: thelawsuitsband.com

    Cameras: Mike Southerton and Bob Sweeney
    Video by Bob Sweeney
    Special thanks to Carolyn Ledarach



  5. bobsweeney:

    Thanks to WXPN/The Key for writing some nice things about the Communion Philly videos.

  6. bobsweeney:

    The Lawsuits (Communion Philly)

    Here is a pic from one of the videos that I shot during last week’s Communion Philly show at Underground Arts. The final video will be a combination of HD and Super 8 in glorious black and white. I just sent the film to be processed and I hope to have everything ready by next week. Stay tuned.

  7. communionpresentsusa:

    Ben Lovett’s (of Mumford and Sons) highly praised COMMUNION Monthly Club Nights returns to Philly on 4/3 at Underground Arts

    #CommunionPhilly April Line-up will feature:

    Johnny Stimson 
    The Lawsuits
    Sturgill Simpson
    Banned Books
    Gretchen Lohse

    **Please Note: Underground Arts features 2 STAGES, we will be rotating performances back to back between the stages to keep the night moving! Stage line-up TBA soon!

    DOORS: 8pm / SHOW: 8:30pm
    AGE: 21+
    TICKETS: $9.50 advance || $15 at the door
    *Club Nights occur the FIRST THURS of EVERY month!

  8. bobsweeney:

    Cover Club | Up The Chain ‘You Won’t Love Me If You Don’t’ (The Lawsuits)

    The latest Cover Club episode features Up The Chain covering The Lawsuits ‘You Won’t Love Me If You Don’t’. For more information about this video, please visit rootdownintheshadow.com.


  9. Interview With: The Lawsuits



    First off, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band!

    My name is Brian Dale Allen Strouse. I sing, play guitar & piano, and I am the chief songwriter for The Lawsuits.

    You recently released your newest album, Cool Cool Cool. How have the fans reactions been so far?

    The reaction has been good. We felt strongly about this album prior to it’s release, and we see this album as being the best thing that we’ve produced thus far. We intend on continuing to push the album with the hope that we can reach more people - There are quite a few individuals that haven’t heard the album that might just like it. It’s a matter of figuring out how to get it into their speakers. 

    In a recent interview, you guys have said that you will no longer stick to being only one kind of band that can only make one type of music. That’s something very admirable considering most people feel like they need to stick to certain standards. What made you come to this conclusion in really staying true to who you are?

    Even in the most alternative circles you’ll find conformity. There’s always a blueprint to how you should think, or dress, or sound, or behave - I’ve tried to eliminate this from my life, and I believe the band embodies that, to some degree.

    Read More

  10. bobsweeney:

    Cover Club | The Lawsuits “She’s Your Baby” (Ween)

    Cover Club episode 4 features Vanessa and Brian from The Lawsuits covering Ween’s “She’s Your Baby”. For more information, please visit rootdownintheshadow.com.